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Transforming Disposable Chopsticks into a Global Circular Economy Success Story

ChopValue, a Canada-based company, has reached a significant milestone by repurposing its hundred-millionth disposable chopstick. This common utensil has a substantial waste volume in North America, with up to 50 billion pairs imported annually.

Shifting these discarded chopsticks from being mere waste to valuable resources, the company converts the single-use bamboo sticks into various pieces of furniture, ranging from desks to cabinets and, increasingly, interiors for restaurants, including the likes of McDonald’s.

Commencing operations in 2016, ChopValue has expanded its reach to 12 global cities, collaborating with establishments such as restaurants, schools, offices, and even Vancouver International Airport to recycle these discarded utensils.

As reported by Fast Company, the company distinguishes itself with its “decentralized microfactory” model. This innovative approach significantly reduces transport emissions by establishing a small factory in each location where it operates.

ChopValue further exemplifies a practical circular economy model by manufacturing restaurant furniture from donated chopsticks. This initiative is already underway with Pacific Poke, a chain of poke eateries in Western Canada.

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