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Detroit Unveils Groundbreaking Wireless Charging Road for Electric Vehicles

In a groundbreaking initiative, Detroit has rolled out the nation’s inaugural wireless-charging public roadway designed for electric vehicles (EVs), marking a significant transformation in EV infrastructure. Developed by Electreon, an Israel-based company, the technology deployed beneath a stretch of 14th Street allows vehicles with specialized receivers to charge while in motion, at a standstill, or during parking over embedded copper inductive charging coils.

This quarter-mile section is part of a comprehensive effort by the Michigan Department of Transportation to test and refine the technology before opening it to the public. The project was showcased in the Michigan Central innovation district, recognized for its advancements in mobility technologies. Ford Motor Co. is actively involved in the district, particularly in the development of self-driving vehicles.

Stefan Tongur, Electreon’s Vice President of Business Development, highlighted Michigan’s automotive expertise and the role of this project in facilitating widespread EV adoption. Overcoming challenges such as limited vehicle range, grid constraints, and battery limitations, this technology propels us toward a future dominated by EVs. The fundamental concept involves inductive charging coils beneath the road creating a magnetic field, transferring electricity to the vehicle’s battery as it passes over.

The technology ensures safety for all road users, including pedestrians and animals, remaining inactive unless a vehicle equipped with a compatible receiver is present. According to AP News, Michigan’s DOT and Electreon have committed to a five-year plan to expand this electric road system, with aspirations to integrate it into the reconstruction of Michigan Avenue.

This development aligns with the goals of the Biden administration to enhance EV infrastructure, including the establishment of half a million EV charging stations. It positions Michigan and Detroit at the forefront of EV technology innovation. While revenue models in Michigan are still under consideration, Tongur emphasized the technology’s intelligence in recognizing and charging authenticated users.

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